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06 December 2014

Sendan Saudi  /  Saturday, December 06, 2014  /  No comments
On December 3, 2014, Sendan received an appreciation email from SADAF President, Zahrani A Mohammed for the successful completion of the Recovered Water Line project. The mechanical project was safely completed ahead of schedule on 23rd Nov. 2014.

The purpose of the project is to replace 9.5km old Recovered water pipe line with electrical and communication cables above ground in RC Corridor. 

Among the key highlights of the project are: 
•    The total length of the line replaced is 9.5km above ground in RC corridor.
•    This project includes also replacement of 9.5km electrical and communication cables with conduits.
•    The project was completed with “Zero” LTI and Total Safe man-hours are 122,776; no property damage or 
     chemical spills.
•    10 Safety Audits conducted under SHEM-05 compliance during the Project and BOAST Visits also 
     conducted by Sr. Manager.
•    Project was completed ahead of schedule by 2 months.
•    Project was completed within budget.

In his email to all members of the Project Management Team wherein Sendan is a part of, SADAF President, Zahrani Mohammed said: 

"I take the opportunity to thank and appreciate each and every one have contributed to make successful completion of the recovered water line project safely and ahead of schedule! Please keep it up."

Earlier on the same day, SADAF Project Manager Said Bager Al-Muhaimeed also expressed his appreciation to Sendan along with others companies. He said that:

"On this occasion, I would like to appreciate SADAF management and all  stakeholders  for their support throughout the project life cycle. Distinct credit goes to the project team members and EDC operations for their excellent support to complete this project safely and ahead of time. Also, would like to thank  RC, Sendan International, DAR and ITEA for their quick response in regard to the delivery of the material, documents and installation at RC corridor that resulted in meeting the project premises."

Those outpouring of generous words from the SADAF President and SADAF Project Manager is definitely a big boost to Sendan team as it aims to close the year with a bang.