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16 November 2014

Sendan Saudi  /  Sunday, November 16, 2014  /  ,   /  No comments

The project team of Sadara Isocyanates is in high spirits after receiving twin awards from Daelim and Sadara Management. In a ceremony organized by Daelim last November 13, 2014, Sendan was presented with Best Contractor of the Month Award and Best Scaffolding Team Award.

Sadara and Daelim Management selected Sendan to receive the monthly awards for October 2014 because of what they stated as its "...exceptional contribution and performance towards safe work practices for the construction of Sadara Isocyanates" The Awards were signed by no less than Sadara Project Director, Wolfang Beer, and Daelim Site Manager, Kang Young-Hyuk,.

Sendan's Corporate HSE Manager, Raheel Khan, also congratulated the project team led by Site Manager, Imtiaz Rahamathullah Khan and Site Safety Manager, Sajid Khan. 

The two awards are being given by Sadara and Daelim to deserving contractors as part of their HSE Model program. Earlier, Sendan also won earlier this year the Best Contractor for Heat Stress Management in both its Sadara MFC and Sadara Isocyanates projects.

11 November 2014

Sendan Saudi  /  Tuesday, November 11, 2014  /  ,   /  No comments
While the winter season starts to cool off Saudi Arabia, things continue to get heated up in Sendan. A warm front carrying flurry of achievements hovered around Sendan over the last few days.

In another solid display of its execution prowess, Sendan was appreciated by the Management of Petrokemya for its successful completion of a challenging Turn Around project.

In a commendation email sent by Mr. Adnan Al-Zahrani, Petrokemya’s PVC Maintenance Manager (Area 1), he said that “Petrokemya appreciates the efforts of SENDAN in PVC 2014 TA for their successful completion of line replacement job in PVC plant with achieving EHSS, Quality and ahead of time. He further stated that “we highly appreciate MR. SAEED AHMED, MR. WASEEM JAVED and their entire team for their commendable performance.

Sendan CEO, MD Ahn, followed suit by congratulating the team for what he termed as their “excellent performance.”

Such generous outpouring of commendation was not surprising for Sendan PSD TA Team as it completed all the mechanical works 4 days ahead of schedule.

It is definitely another well-deserved commendation for a job well done by Plant Services TA Team! 
Sendan Saudi  /  Tuesday, November 11, 2014  /  ,   /  No comments
Sendan International  has just nailed another Civil project from Sabic which involves construction of waiting sheds at Hadeed Plant in Jubail, Saudi Arabia.

The Waiting Shed Construction Project will be managed by Project Manager Anirwan Sengupta. It is expected to be completed by March 2015.

Coming fresh from its recently-completed GAS project, Sendan Civil team obviously earned the nod of Sabic Management with its over-all performance.

The Management of Sendan looks at civil construction business as a key driver of its future growth. Sendan started its civil business in 2011, and after a few years it was able to successfully establish its position as a civil contractor among major clients like Aramco and Sabic. Thus, the new project for Hadeed is expected to sustain the momentum for civil business. 

10 November 2014

Sendan Saudi  /  Monday, November 10, 2014  /  ,   /  No comments

Sendan International has recently inked an important deal with Advanced Petrochemical to execute and E&I works. The deal is another milestone in the history of Sendan since it is the first time that the company is awarded with a project by Advanced Petrochemical Company.

The project involves design analysis of structure, modification of structure, supply and installation of 2-way traverse crane. It covers engineering, procurement and construction works.  It is expected to be completed by end of March, 2015.

The Sendan project with Advanced Petrochemical will be supervised by Project Engineer Ahmed Jawad under the guidance of Division Manager Muhammed Sohail and Plant Services Director Pervaiz Akbar.

Advanced Petrochemical Company is one of the major Petrochemical companies in the MENA region. It was established in 2005 and got listed in the Saudi Stock Market in 2007.

The Management of Sendan is highly optimistic that the success of the said project with Advanced Petrochemical will present more opportunities for Sendan to maintain long term business relations with Advanced.

09 November 2014

Sendan Saudi  /  Sunday, November 09, 2014  /  ,   /  No comments
Excellence rarely goes unnoticed especially when it is delivered under pressure. That is especially true for Sendan as appreciations continue to pour in for almost every project it completes. 

Only recently, the Project Management of Al-Bayroni has expressed its strong satisfaction to Sendan’s Shutdown team. In a short notice and under difficult situation, Sendan’s Plant Services team lead by Superintendent Tariq Mirza completed successfully an Emergency Shutdown activity.

The Management of Al-Bayroni stated in their appreciation that the "Lifting and installation (Replacement) of exchanger 127-CB in ALBAYRONI ammonia plant has been done successfully and safely today."
Sendan Saudi  /  Sunday, November 09, 2014  /  ,   /  No comments
Sendan’s Plant Services team was recently commended by Tasnee for completing a challenging SEPC Shutdown Maintenance Project few days ahead of the schedule.

Congratulations to Project In-Charge Tariq Mirza and his team under the guidance of PSD Director Pervaiz Akbar and Mechanical Division Manager Muhammed Sohail!    
Sendan Saudi  /  Sunday, November 09, 2014  /  ,   /  No comments
SENDAN International has once again proven its mettle when it successfully completed SABIC United EG1 and EG2 Turn Around Projects. In their appreciation letter, the Site Project Management of UNITED commended the Plant Services Turn Around project team under the excellent leadership of Muhammed Sohail and Tariq Mirza.

“The overall performance by SENDAN in executing EG1 and EG2 TA projects is highly appreciated by SPJ team at UNITED,” the appreciation letter stated. 
Sendan Saudi  /  Sunday, November 09, 2014  /  ,   /  No comments
SENDAN International Co. Ltd. has been awarded by Hadeed/Sabic to Install Down Coiler-1 Curve Apron for its Turnaround of Hot Strip Mill scheduled on February 2015.

SENDAN is one of the leading Construction and Plant Services contractors with successful track record for executing Turn-Around and Shut-Down projects throughout the Kingdom’s industrial plants.  
Sendan Saudi  /  Sunday, November 09, 2014  /  ,   /  No comments
SENDAN International recently signed a contract with CTCI Arabia for the Temporary Construction Facilities & Early Site Work, for SAMAC MMA-PMMA Project.

The project involves dismantling, relocation and new construction works for Temporary Site Facilities. It also includes detailed design of all temporary offices, guard offices and warehouse.

CTCI Arabia is a subsidiary of CITCI Corp., the largest integrated EPC firm in Taiwan with presence in various countries. 
Sendan Saudi  /  Sunday, November 09, 2014  /  No comments
SENDAN International Co. Ltd. has been awarded a new project by SABIC (KEMYA) for Implementation of BBP recommendations for SHP Boilers. 

The project involves Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation Works including procurement, supply of materials, installation, testing and commissioning, modification of MOVs & CVs, and piping fabrication.

Though Sendan has been successfully executing projects in various Sabic companies, it will be its first for Kemya. The project management team under Project In-Charge Muhammed Maqbool is excited and confident in executing the project successfully.  

Sendan Saudi  /  Sunday, November 09, 2014  /  ,   /  No comments
SENDAN has been awarded a new project by SABIC in Turn Around of Al-Bayroni Ammonia Plant scheduled for December 2014.

The new project involves Removal of old refrigent condenser & Re-installation of new Refrigent condenser on the existing foundation, involves Mechanical piping, E & I, Structure steel, Platforms, Ladders etc.,Crane services, Inspection, Testing Commissioning.

The recently awarded project is another manifestation of SABIC’s confidence in Sendan’s ability based on its past performance with various projects. 
Sendan Saudi  /  Sunday, November 09, 2014  /  ,   /  No comments
Sadara recently appreciated SENDAN International Co. Ltd. has been appreciated for its completion of 15 Million Safe Manhours in its Mixed Feed Cracker (MFC) Project. MFC is one of the several large projects which Sendan is currently executing for Sadara.

Such notable achievement has been the result of strong advocacy towards safety by the whole MFC Project Team and the Corporate HSE Department.

Sadara Chemical Company is a joint venture between two giants, Saudi Aramco and Dow Chemical Company. Sadara is currently constructing in Jubail Industrial City, Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest chemical complex ever built in a single phase.

Sendan Saudi  /  Sunday, November 09, 2014  /  ,   /  No comments

In another strategic move to diversify its business portfolio, SENDAN International Co. Ltd. has recently signed a partnership agreement with UK based TENTEC Company for Torqueing & Bolting Solutions.

SENDAN will serve as a business partner of Tentec in providing specialized bolting and torqueing solutions in Saudi Arabia. TENTEC is a multinational company engaged in the design, manufacture and distribution of bolt tightening equipment and is a part of global giant Atlas Copco Group.

Among the solutions being provided by the Sendan-Tentec partnership includes Bolt Tensioning, Bolt Torqueing, Customer Tensioner Design, Supply of Tools, Commissioning Assistance, Bolt Tightening Software

The business outlook for the new Division augurs well as it has already closed some significant deals with Sadara and Sabic in just few months of the partnership.

With this strategic alliance, Sendan is expected to boost its revenue growth in the coming years.