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11 November 2014

Sendan Saudi  /  Tuesday, November 11, 2014  /  ,   /  No comments
While the winter season starts to cool off Saudi Arabia, things continue to get heated up in Sendan. A warm front carrying flurry of achievements hovered around Sendan over the last few days.

In another solid display of its execution prowess, Sendan was appreciated by the Management of Petrokemya for its successful completion of a challenging Turn Around project.

In a commendation email sent by Mr. Adnan Al-Zahrani, Petrokemya’s PVC Maintenance Manager (Area 1), he said that “Petrokemya appreciates the efforts of SENDAN in PVC 2014 TA for their successful completion of line replacement job in PVC plant with achieving EHSS, Quality and ahead of time. He further stated that “we highly appreciate MR. SAEED AHMED, MR. WASEEM JAVED and their entire team for their commendable performance.

Sendan CEO, MD Ahn, followed suit by congratulating the team for what he termed as their “excellent performance.”

Such generous outpouring of commendation was not surprising for Sendan PSD TA Team as it completed all the mechanical works 4 days ahead of schedule.

It is definitely another well-deserved commendation for a job well done by Plant Services TA Team! 


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