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16 November 2014

Sendan Saudi  /  Sunday, November 16, 2014  /  ,   /  No comments

The project team of Sadara Isocyanates is in high spirits after receiving twin awards from Daelim and Sadara Management. In a ceremony organized by Daelim last November 13, 2014, Sendan was presented with Best Contractor of the Month Award and Best Scaffolding Team Award.

Sadara and Daelim Management selected Sendan to receive the monthly awards for October 2014 because of what they stated as its "...exceptional contribution and performance towards safe work practices for the construction of Sadara Isocyanates" The Awards were signed by no less than Sadara Project Director, Wolfang Beer, and Daelim Site Manager, Kang Young-Hyuk,.

Sendan's Corporate HSE Manager, Raheel Khan, also congratulated the project team led by Site Manager, Imtiaz Rahamathullah Khan and Site Safety Manager, Sajid Khan. 

The two awards are being given by Sadara and Daelim to deserving contractors as part of their HSE Model program. Earlier, Sendan also won earlier this year the Best Contractor for Heat Stress Management in both its Sadara MFC and Sadara Isocyanates projects.


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